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Using social media to contact and engage is as important as any other other form of communication. Friends, families, businesses, clubs, and education and training providers as all using some form of social media to better connect and engage with each other.

Social media can be used for all sorts of things; sharing ideas, spreading a message, staying in touch, entertainment, escapism, learning, debating, increasing productivity, increasing efficiency, engaging with a wider audience, and much more.

But at JAWS Job and Work Search the belief is that there is a balance. There is no substitute for positive time spent in each others company. So whilst social media is great, spending all day on social media, unless perhaps it’s your job role, isn’t necessarily a great thing.

Just be mindful of how much time you spend staring at your screen scrolling through endless bits of information. Remember to take breaks and find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Remember, it’s all about working together as a team to help each other find and take advantage of great opportunities. Everyone has a part to play in that.