Personal Statement Writing

How to write a personal statement

Writing is one of the most complex and demanding skills and person can do. So, writing a personal statement is no different; especially when it comes to applying for a job. The important thing to remember about writing a personal statement is that this has a very specific function; and that is to demonstrate why you are suitable for this job you are applying for.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is your own personal summary of why you are suitable for a job. Usually, when you are applying for a job the employer who has posted the advert will have included something like a job description, roles and responsibilities, or person specification document. This document will include a list of ESSENTIAL and DESIRABLE criteria. This criteria typically covers a whole range of topics including: work experience, practical skills, qualifications, and communication skills. Your personal statement needs to directly answer how and why you meet this criteria.

How long should it be?

It’s your statement, it’s up to you how long it is. But generally speaking, to be in with a chance of getting an interview, once all of the specific essential and desirable skills from the person specification have been addressed that is how long it should be. The skill is being able to answer all of the person specification criteria in an engaging and concise way.

What information should I include?

Relevant information, you should include relevant information.

Include, examples of ways you meet the essential and desirable criteria through your knowledge, skills, and experiences.

What language should I use when writing a personal statement?

First of all, just make sure you get something written down. Write your personal statement however it comes to mind. One of the most important things you can do is be yourself. After all, you are who you are. Just make sure you answer all of the essential and desirable criteria.

You can explore different writing styles and ‘voices’ later on. See if your own personal and natural writing style works first. If it doesn’t then consider looking for help. You can hire someone else to write your personal statement for you, or you can take a writing course to learn more about how to adjust the way that you write to tailor it for a specific audience.

What is the secret to writing a good personal statement?

Get something down first. Set a benchmark. Then go back over it and review it. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. That’s what redrafting is for. Make sure you are happy with it and then send it off confident that you have done the best you can do at that moment in time. If you have done that, then you can’t ask anymore of yourself. If you aren’t successful with this particular application then you learn from it and try again with something else.


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