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How to do a job application

That is how you do a job application.

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”

Like so many aspects of getting a job, doing a job application can be done in numerous ways. And there is no one right way other than do it and see what happens.

The main thing is that you complete your application and send it off. If you never try the chances are you will never succeed.

What is a job application?

A job application is when you show your interest to an employer stating that you would like a job with them. This is normally a specific job that they have advertised. The process typically follows one of two routes; but there are exceptions to this.

One way of completing an application is by submitting your CV and cover letter to a job advert. This could be via a job agency or to an employer directly yourself.

The other way of completing a job application is by completing an online application form that you find on an organisations job portal.

How is an online job application different to a CV and cover letter?

An online job application requires you to submit your application using a companies online recruitment portal. You won’t be able to be considered for a job if you don’t do this.

A CV and cover letter application is when you send your CV and cover letter direct to an employer or via a job agency; who will do it on your behalf.

The contents of the job application is basically the same. It’s just the process of submitting your application that is different.

JAWS Job Search has a large list of links to organisations that use online recruitment portals. These are companies where you have to use their portal to apply for jobs. Click here to view the JAWS Job Search portal and start looking for work now.

What are the key things to remember?

Be yourself.

This is the most important thing to do when completing a job application. Don’t lie, don’t exaggerate, just be honest and truthful. The worst thing you can do is lie about your skills and experience. Because if you get the job and then your employer discovers you aren’t capable of doing the work then it’s going to end badly for everybody. It will be terrible for reputation as an individual.

A key thing to do is make sure you don’t put yourself down either. You have to sell yourself. Just don’t lie about it. If you don’t have much skill or experience in a particular area demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and develop your skills and knowledge on it. People can always learn new things, develop and improve.

When should I submit my job application?

Submit it when you are happy with it.

There isn’t necessarily a benefit of being the first of last application. Just make sure you actually submit it. Sometimes application deadlines close early; especially if an employer feels they’ve already found the right candidate.

So get your application complete. Then check it and read it as if you were the person who was going to do the interviewing and hiring for the job. Be honest and ask yourself, would I give this person the job? Who would I give them the job over and who would get the job over them?

Once you start thinking like that you can start to look at the things you can improve or the skills, training, and knowledge you need to gain to make your application better.

What is the secret to doing a good job application?

Get it done.

But one thing in particular is, if you are completing an online job application, make sure you write your personal statement in a word processor before submitting it. Write and save it in something else and then copy and paste it into the online application.

A lot of online portals have a time limit on pages. If you stay on the same webpage too long the portal will think you aren’t there anymore and kick you out. This means that you can easily spend a long time writing a fantastic personal statement and then lose all your work and have to start all over again.


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