CV and Resume Design

How to design a CV / Resume

Just like writing, CV and resume design isn’t an exact science. There is no one way to ensure you get a job interview. But just by creating a CV you will give yourself a much better opportunity than someone who doesn’t.What

What is CV / Resume design?

CV and resume design is about how your present your CV. And remember, this doesn’t just have to be how it looks. For example, you could do an audio CV. Again, it depends on the job you are applying for.

CV design mainly focuses on the layout, font, graphics, and colour used.

How many pages should a CV be?

There is no one answer for this. At different points throughout time CVs have ranged from being 5 or more pages long to being just 1 page. It really depends upon the job you are going for and how much you need to demonstrate about your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Generally speaking a CV these days will be no more than 2 pages long. 1 piece of paper front and back. Potentially you could make an effective CV that is just 1 page long.

But it really all depends on who you are applying to and what role you are applying for.

With so many employers now using computers and social media, someone who makes a striking and engaging digital CV is arguably more likely to stand out against other candidates.

Should a CV include colour?

A CV can include colour. Again, it depends what job role you are going for. For example, if you worked in design and illustration then using colour gives you an opportunity to demonstrate some of your creative skills and abilities in your CV.

But you could work in any sector and environment and use colour in your CV. It’s really up to you and how you want to portray yourself. You’ll soon know if what you are sending people isn’t getting a good response. If it isn’t getting a good response then consider changing your approach.

Just remember, if you are printing copies of your CV yourself then colour versions are going to cost you more than black and white ones. Also, when an employer is printing off applicants CVs and reviewing them they’ll maybe print them in black and white to save on their costs.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to use colour in your CV and show off your skills and talent then do it.

What software should I use to design my CV / Resume?


These are just some of the main programs you could use.

Use whatever software package you want to design and create your CV in. Use whatever you are comfortable and capable of using.

The important thing is that you get it done.

If you want help designing your CV / Resume then visit the ‘ Get a job: Hire a Freelancer? ‘ page. Here you can find details about how to hire a freelancer who maybe has the skills that you don’t so they can design a CV for you.

What format should I save my CV in?

If you are using Word. Save it as a Word document. The majority of employers are going to have access to Word.

Alternatively, save it as a PDF. A lot of employers are going to have the ability to open documents in a PDF reader.

What is the secret to designing a great CV?

The main secret is just get it done.

If you can take feedback, learn from your mistakes, and adjust then overtime you will be successful.

Get it designed, send it out to employers along with your cover letter, and see what response you get. If you don’t get any responses or feedback then maybe you need to try a different approach.

  • Consider rearranging the layout of your CV?
  • Perhaps you need to use a different font; one that is easier to read?
  • Maybe you need to be even more creative and make a animated, video, or interactive CV?


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