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GET RICH QUICK today! The real way.

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Generally speaking, Get Rich Quick schemes are some seedy and dodgy means of getting rich. Not only that, but you won’t actually end up getting rich. In fact, you’ll more likely end up getting ripped off and broke. If anybody gets rich in a get rich quick scheme it’s the person running the scheme; and by my standards even they are far from actually being rich.

Get rich quick. Don't get broke quick.
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What is get rich quick to me?

Given the things I’m into, and have studied, I can’t help but see different perspectives in subjects and topics.

What I will often do is break something down and analyse it. So, if we take ‘get rich quick’, this is what I see.

GET – To attain or understand. (verb)

RICH – A measure of value. (adjective)

QUICK – The speed at which something is done or happening. (adjective)



To start with then, one important thing for people to remember is that in order for you, the individual, to ‘get’ rich quick, you have to do something. Get is a verb. So, you have to ‘do’. Nothing is just going to spontaneously happen and all of a sudden you become rich. Even getting really lucky and winning the lottery requires you to buy a lottery ticket. You need to do something.

Richness and wealth then, by logic, has to be earned. And importantly that applies to any interpretation of get rich quick.


Quick in this context is pretty irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Quickness, the speed or rate at which something is achieved, is only really established when you compare it to something else. Whether that is comparing your way to the way someone else did it, or a way you did it before. Otherwise, it’s just the speed at which something happens.

So, if it is the way someone else did it, that’s pretty pointless to compare yourself to others; epecially in this regard. Your focus should be on you. Otherwise you definitely aren’t going to achieve the things you want, because you are too focused on everyone else. How you spend your time is going to dictate what you achieve. If you are focused on others, all you are becoming good at is being a spectator. You need to become a participator.

And if you are comparing yourself to yourself, well again, that doesn’t really bare much significance here either. Because for that to have any real meaning in this context, either you are ‘rich’ now or you used to be. In which case, you’ve achieved being rich. Well done, move on.


But most importantly, rich. What even is that? Is rich defined as being a millionaire? Being a billionaire? Maybe a TRILLIONAIRE? Is it, being able to ‘buy anything you want’? Is it even about money?

I’m of the understanding and belief that richness can also be about knowledge, skills, and experience. It can also about the state of things other than finances. Like your mental and physical health. Like your relationships. It can also be about what you have contributed and given to others. Richness is a massive topic than isn’t just limited to money.

Define get rich quick.
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Get Rich Quick SUMMARY

So here are a few takeaways:

Whatever your definition of rich, you have to earn it. You have to put in effort. It won’t just happen. You have to ‘get’ it.

Quick is a near pointless measure. Either you are or you are not your definition of rich. If you are then good for you. If you aren’t, then crack on and keep going until you get there.

Above all else, remember richness comes in all manner of forms, it isn’t just about money. And contrary to the beliefs of some(myself included when I was younger) money isn’t the sole root of all evil. Evil is the root of all evil, and even that has to be defined. I guess that means, by my standards, that a complete lack of definition is part of what lies at the root of all evil.

WHAT NEXT? Do I want to be wealthy?

Where do you go for here then?

Well, perhaps some of the the questions worth exploring now are:

Do you even want to be rich? How do you know you aren’t already rich? What is your measure or rich and why?

And here’s another one for you, maybe what you actually need is to become poor? Not in the financial sense. But in a different one. Maybe the things that you value so highly are having a detrimental and harming impact on your progress? On your ‘richness’. Sounds a little bit bonkers perhaps, but have a think about it.

Truth is if you take the time to look, inside and outside of yourself, you will realise that you are already rich and always have been; because you have opportunity.

Other measures of richness to explore

So, now you know that money isn’t the only type of richness that exists. Here are some other types of richness that you could explore:








Time and freedom

Get rich. Stay healthy.
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Is money even important at all?

Yes. Absolutely. Money is an incredible societal tool that helps provide an important social mechanism. In reality, it contributes massively towards achieving peace.

Many people think money is evil. And that’s fine, you can think what you want. But for every perspective there are alternative perspectives, which help provide balance. So, the opposite of evil is good. And one of the main ways that money does good is that it provide a barrier between people. Not all barriers and divides are negative. Perhaps, if we call them boundaries, limits, and parameters that will sit better with you?

A good way to understand this concept better is to look at money simply as currency. And historically if you look at what currency was, well, it wasn’t money. It was assets like sheep, and wool, and eggs, and bread. And it is these things where the real value lies. Because they directly support the survival needs of people; sustenance and shelter. Without these things people cannot survive. But without money, you can survive a very, very long time. As long as you have the skills and knowledge.

And that is how money contributes to peace. Because it is like a misdirection. It is a shield that protects the things that are really important. Money is not essential to survival, richness, and wealth. It just helps.

You already are, and always have been rich.

Get rich. Explore.
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What do you want to do with your new found richness?

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